The proposed plans for the restoration and redevelopment of Manoel Island focuses on improved public access and benefits by delivering a cultural, social and economic centre. The works include €50 million in the restoration of historical buildings and MIDI expects that the total investment in Manoel Island, estimated at more than €400 million, will significantly benefit local business, skills and apprenticeships during the construction phase.


  • The development will deliver more than 80,000 sqm of public park space around Fort Manoel; the Island’s foreshore will be preserved and improved for the general public to enjoy for the long term.
  • Fort Manoel is destined to become a centre for culture and the arts, comprising galleries, museums, shops, restaurants and a Parade Ground for open air events, all with full public access; the Chapel will also be used for community events, weddings and celebrations.
  • The Lazzaretto will be restored as a Five Star Hotel with serviced apartments and the western part of the island will comprise of a series of low rise residential (3 to 4 floors) urban blocks.
  • The development will include an animated retail offering is sensitively designed around the open public spaces and pedestrian streets. There will be no shopping complex.
  • Unique public spaces will be created across the Island at street level connecting the pedestrianised streets to a series of open spaces and piazzas. Vehicle parking and circulation will be located below ground.





Substantial Public Space on Manoel Island


Safeguarding Public Access


Careful mix of New Buildings and Heritage Sites