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World Clean-up Day at Manoel Island Marina

Zibel collects 100 tons of waste material from the Maltese environment

Zibel has collected 100 tons of waste material from the Maltese environment including beaches and underwater coastal areas. The 100 tons mark was reached during a week-long underwater clean-up activity at the Manoel Island Marina, where a total of 9,200 kgs of material were collected. These consisted of 233Kgs of plastic, 357Kgs of ropes and fishing gear, 1,139Kgs of glass, 1,098kgs of metal 867Kgs of mixed waste and 5,506kg of tyres.

Manoel Island

The activity, which culminated on World Clean-Up Day, was sponsored by Pragmatic Play and organized in collaboration with MIDI and the Gzira Local Council. The activity forms part of the Saving Our Blue campaign organised by Zibel.

The activity started earlier this week with an underwater survey of the sea surrounding Manoel Island, where it was decided to concentrate all efforts in the Marina, which needed most clearing up due to various industrial activities that have taken place in the past in this area. The material collected from the seabed mostly consisted of tyres of various sizes which in the past were often used as fenders.

Manoel Island

MIDI CEO, Mark Portelli said that “we are pleased to collaborate with Zibel in their endeavour to keep our beaches and coastal areas clean from waste. We encourage volunteers to support this eNGO during such clean-ups and other environmentally friendly initiatives. Our collaboration with Zibel started two years ago when we provided them with free berthing facilities at our Marina. Last year we also supported Zibel to install a Seabin, which collects plastics and debris from the surface of the sea, in the Manoel Island Marina.”

Whilst thanking MIDI for their support Andrew Schembri, Co-founder and Chairman of Zibel said that, “We are pleased to have collected 100 tons of waste material from the coastline and seabed throughout the past years. This is thanks in large part due to our sponsors and volunteers, who week in week out come to help us with our clean-ups and who continuously support our activities.”

Manoel Island