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The Manoel Island Masterplan - Interview (Part 2 of 3)

The Planning Authority recently unanimously approved the revised masterplan for the restoration and development of Manoel Island. asked MIDI’s Head of Projects, Perit Ivan Piccinino what was behind the decision to revise the Masterplan.

“Manoel Island has a legacy intertwined with Malta’s history, reflected in heritage buildings and sites that define the Island’s identity.

Protecting, restoring and conserving these important landmarks is central to the design philosophy of the revised MIDI masterplan for Manoel Island – not just to honour Malta’s history, but to preserve it for future generations,” Piccinino said, “The masterplan will give these buildings a new lease of life and has inspired other key design elements such as the creation of multiple plazas in their proximity.

These dynamic public areas have been carefully located to complement the island’s heritage assets, including the 80,000sqm Glacis Park surrounding Fort Manoel, he explained.

Manoel Island


Perit Ivan Piccinino explained that in the new masterplan, sustainability is a key factor. A water conservation management plan, which will see rainwater harvesting, collection and treatment of grey water for irrigation and utilisation of the Island’s existing reservoirs, has been put in place.

The new buildings have likewise been designed to conserve energy, considering the best use of daylight while installing glazing and shading devices alongside energy efficient lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

To reduce Manoel Island’s carbon footprint further vehicular access will be limited. Apart from the main thorough way, cars will be directed to underground car parking facilities, which will be supplemented by electric charging points to promote the use of electric cars.

MIDI will also develop new sporting facilities which will revert to Government for the benefit of the local community. The facilities include a full-size football pitch for Gzira United FC and a Bocci Club.

Once the development is completed public accessibility will be significantly enhanced. The revised masterplan provides that Manoel Island will be developed as a pedestrian priority destination always ensuring unhindered access to the foreshore, the extraordinary heritage sites and the vast open public spaces.