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The Manoel Island Masterplan - Interview (Part 3 of 3) asked MIDI’s Head of Projects, Perit Ivan Piccinino about the provision of public open spaces on Manoel Island.


One of the key improvements of the revised Masterplan is the extent of the public open spaces. This includes an 80,000sqm glacis park surrounding Fort Manoel, which will be transformed into a public park where families can picnic, go for walks, or simply enjoy the peace and tranquility that this destination offers.

Manoel Island

The archaeological sites uncovered during recent site investigations has contributed to creating an additional 35,000sqm of public open space, which will be integrated into the development. This area, which extends from the entrance of the Island to the Lazzaretto quay, will be partly landscaped and partly paved to create a plaza centred around the Customs House and the Cattle Shed providing a destination for the enjoyment of the public.