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300th Anniversary of the Foundation of Fort Manoel

Once again, the grandeur of Fort Manoel will be unveiled to the public during an open day on Sunday October 22nd, from 09:30 to 17:30. This event offers a unique opportunity to witness the restoration efforts and bask in the splendor of the fort.

Guided tours are scheduled throughout the day, starting with a tour in Maltese at 10:30hrs, followed by tours in English at 12:00 noon and 16:15hrs, and another in Maltese at 14:00hrs. Immerse yourself in the history and architectural marvel of this Baroque masterpiece and be enthralled by captivating re-enactments by the Show of Arms Re-enactment Group and musical performances by the Marsa and Xghajra Scouts' pipe and drums bands. Entrance to the Fort and all tours are free of charge.

Fort Manoel, a testament to Malta's baroque military architecture, was founded in September 1723 under the stewardship of Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena of the Knights of St. John. Restored to its former glory by MIDI plc in the early 2000s, the fort has loomed majestically over Marsamxett Harbour for centuries. Its rich history includes serving as an extension of the Lazzaretto Hospital in the 1800s and being christened HMS Phoenicia during the British era.

Ample parking is available on Manoel Island. For additional information, please contact us at (+365) 2065 5500 or email us at [email protected]. Further updates can also be found at

Program of Events:

09:30 - Doors Open

10:30 - Guided Tour Maltese

11:15 - Re-enactment

12:00 - Guided Tour English

14:00 - Guided Tour Maltese

14:30 - Malta Scouts' pipe and drums bands

15:30 - Re-enactment

15:45 - Malta Scouts' pipe and drums bands

16:15 - Guided Tour English

17:30 - End of event  

Aerial view Fort Manoel 1